Information for Current Customers

Submitting a Loan Payment

Please make check payable to: AXA Equitable

Indicate your loan number on all remittances.  

By regular mail, please send to:
AXA Equitable AgriFinance, LLC
P O Box 5026
New York, NY  10087-5026

Overnight delivery, please send to:
JPMorgan Chase - Lockbox Processing
AXA Equitable AgriFinance, LLC - Box 5026
4 Chase Metrotech Center, 7th Floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245

By wire or ACH:
For instructions, please call (319) 355-2861

Setting up Automatic ACH Payments

Complete the form below to authorize AXA Equitable AgriFinance, LLC to automatically debit your checking/savings account for loan payments.

Download ACH Form

Online Access to Loan Information

Register for Borrower Viewpoint to get online access to original and current loan information, year-to-date activity, and payment history.

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